How to stop feather plucking in cockatiels

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Feather plucking is a difficult syndrome for cockatiel owners to face. Much of the for plucking. Don't admonish him to stop or say no or run over to distract him. There can be many reasons why a bird plucks his/her feathers. A. You need to take your female Cockatiel in to see an experienced avian veterinarian for a check up Once we treated the underlying problem, the birds usually stop plucking. Give your cockatiel plenty of toys. Keeping your cockatoo busy can prevent unwanted feather plucking. Try giving the bird a wooden puzzle toy with a treat inside.

Learn more about preventing or stopping unhealthy feather plucking or feather Some types of birds—such as cockatiels, cockatoos, African Grey Parrots. Feather Plucking / Chewing: Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Supportive Nutrition My bird plucked for many years, and I tried various things to get him to stop and For example, my elderly, handicapped cockatiel has arthritis and keeps. Feather picking is an obsessive, destructive behavior pattern of birds during which parrots, cockatoos, macaws, conures, gray-cheeked parakeets, and cockatiels. Besides causing great stress to the bird, they also prevent normal feather.

In reality, parasites may make a bird itchy, but rarely result in feather loss. species specific conditions that can be seen as feather-picking self-mutilation. Cockatiel feather mutilation syndrome is associated with intestinal giardiasis and has. Plucking can be a continual or episodic activity: the bird can let new feathers grow and These repeated and continual traumas lead to infections and prevent . The subject of feather picking is one of the most controversial and most discussed subjects when it comes to feather care. If your cockatiel is healthy it will take. Feather plucking can become a severe problem and will need veterinary treatment. Cockatiel feather pulling and over preening can be To prevent and help with this you should ensure that you have plenty of safe toys for your cockatiels.