What is a break off fin

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OR DEATH; TURN OFF POWER at circuit breaker or fuse and test that power is off before wiring! Preparing . Our receptacle is provided with a break-off fin. How do I determine which of these two feeds I have and, if it's a split feed, where is the break-off fin? I'm assuming mine is a split feed since I. I am replacing outlets in a bedroom. I did not remove the break off fin from the leviton 15av 2circuit outlet when i installed. I think i have the.

screw. black wires to outlet from top switch to top of outlet bottom switch to bottom outlet break off fin on hot side of outlet should be brass screws dont' forget to. slotted screwdriver, bend fin until it breaks off. Prepare Wires: Remove 5/8" ( cm) of insulation from each wire in the wall box. Step 3. Installing your Switch. Check to be sure that the circuit has been turned off using a tester. Simply break it off by inserting a screwdriver under it and bend it back and.

Breaking the tab on the neutral side does exactly the same as the hot side: it separates one terminal and neutral outlet from the other terminal. A thin, metal break-off tab connects these screws. This tab enables you to attach a single wire to either screw and feed electricity to both outlets of the receptacle.