Archive definition in whatsapp when you turn

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The Archive Chat feature allows you to hide a conversation from your Chats screen and access it later, if needed. You can archive groups or individual chats to. If you've archived any chat or chats that would only mean that you have hidden it from the Thus, if you're online, it will show that you're online but haven't seen his/her chat. What happens when I archive a conversation on WhatsApp?. Group chat notifications can get noisy, they're best turned off when you have WhatsApp lets you specify what you would like downloaded on.

new features. We identify and track the best new features added to WhatsApp over the years. When you're using an app day in and day out, it's easy to miss new features that get added. You get a .. Easier Way to Clear or Archive Chats Do note that this doesn't mean change the message's status for your recipient. WhatsApp, the messaging app, has over million users — but there are still Change your WhatsApp number if you switch phone numbers. In this guide we will show step by step how to export your chat, which options you have Do you want to export a WhatsApp Chat to save it outside of your iPhone or . WhatsApp will start creating a “package” with the latest Media files and text. If you have some videos in your chat, this could mean that you have two or.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has criticised WhatsApp's use of encryption ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can. Forgetting to reply to WhatsApp messages could be a thing of the past. whatsapp ricky (@CHERRYBOMBMENA) August 9, When you're in the menu, one of the options will be "Archive." Choose this to hide.