How to delete old instagram messages

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If you mean the DM messages- right now there is no option that delete all the messages at once, you have yo delete them one by one, and who knows, maybe . To delete a conversation in Instagram Direct, go to your inbox and swipe left on the conversation you'd like to delete. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete direct messages in Instagram on an Android, iPhone, or iPad. The message is now deleted from the conversation.

Direct messages are a form of communication on Twitter that enable you to speak one on one with another user privately. As deleting a direct message not only. by Naomi Bolton. Deleting direct messages removes them from the recipients' devices. You can only do this with Instagram messages that you have sent, not the ones that you have received. How to Delete All Message History on LG View. Enlarge / The dialog box you get when you delete a message, left, and when a message has been deleted out from under you, right. Instagram.

We've all been there, full of regret of a message we sent and wish we could delete. A guide to unsending messages on Instagram, Snapchat. You can now unsend your Instagram DMs, and the message will even the chat and it would reappear as "this message has been deleted".