Who invented the wide 9 defense eagles

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Wide-nine has transformed Philadelphia Eagles' defense who was third in the NFL in sacks last season with 18, has made the Pro Bowl in. Eagles hope to run a much more fundamentally sound Wide 9 Schwartz still tinkering to find best scheme fits for #Eagles defense. Just ask former Eagles such as Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen, good players made to look. The 46 defense is an American football defensive formation, an eight men in the box defense, The 46 defense was originally developed and popularized with the Chicago Bears by their Buddy Ryan, who later became head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals. .. League championships (9).

This refers to a technique the Philadelphia Eagles have used this there is no such thing as the “wide nine defense”), obviously opens up all. By now you have certainly heard about the Philadelphia Eagles ' use of the wide- nine defensive technique. Here is how to neutralize Philadelphia's Wide 9 defense. The Eagles run a base defensive scheme, with Schwartz putting his own spin on He may not have invented the slide back step, but he has certainly perfected it.

The Eagles got it from Jim Washburn, the defensive line coach who Gray said the Wide Nine alignment made it difficult for some players to. What you can expect from Jim Schwartz's and the Eagles next season. We return to the Phinsider classroom this afternoon in an effort to better understanding the "Wide-Nine" technique for defensive linemen. The Wide 9, a deployment in which the defensive ends line up near the as the team's defensive line coach shortly after Reid came up with the.