How do you set up hi-hats

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With this set of step-by-step instructions, anyone with the The resting position separation between the two hi-hats is up to the preference of the drummer and. This being said, the majority of kits are set up in a standard, balanced Snare drum; Bass (kick) drum (with pedal); Hi-hat cymbal (with pedal); Crash cymbal. How to Play the Hi Hat in a Drum Set. The hi-hats can play a variety of styles and should be taken advantage of by every drummer. Here is how to play them.

Hi guys, I just wanted to find out the correct way to set up my hihat clutch. The idea of having a lock screw is so that you can set the top hat. The first step to being successful with the Strike hi-hat is the physical arrangement of the hi-hat pads and. How to Set Up High Hat Cymbals. Setting up a drum kit correctly is the first step in playing the drums. The high hat cymbals--also known as.