How to wash reusable screen protectors

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Instead of throwing out a screen protector with finger prints, dust particles, You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen if dust has. Using a screen protector is a great way to keep your mobile device screen free of or chemicals to clean your screen protector, just a soft cloth and a bit of care. Screen protectors are pieces of thin plastic film that adhere to the screens of your phones, tablet computers, laptops, portable gaming systems and any other.

You might be tempted to clean the adhesive side of the screen protector with a microfiber cloth. But, this will just spread the dust across the screen protector. I tried to wash the sticky sde and re-apply: worse yet. I now buy EXiM Spuc reusable screen protectors and I have reused them on my Bold. Then- to clean it I used the micro-fibre cloth. Big mistake. All of the bits of dust on it just got stuck to the sticky side of the screen protector, so I'll.

How to clean tempered glass cell phone screen protectors, protecting your LCD clarity Sponge off mixture; Buff with a soft cloth, like microfiber, to restore shine . Get it moist. Not so wet that it drips and smears, but not so dry that it scratches. As dry as you can possibly get it by hand wringing and then a. Protection Screen Protector is completely reusable and reappliable! the screen protector, we suggest that you attach it to any flat and clean.