Piezogenic papules and pain when standing

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In the 2 weeks of follow-up, the previously treated nodules were completely disappearing, and there was no pain experienced during standing. Nonpainful piezogenic pedal papules are managed conservatively. For painful papules, management includes avoiding standing for prolonged periods. Piezogenic pedal papules are uncommon skin-colored asymptomatic papules Standing and walking resulted in a continuous pain in the heels that gradually.

The patient, a nurse whose work required standing for hours, Painful piezogenic pedal papules in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. They became progressively more painful when she was walking or standing for Painful piezogenic pedal papules in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Piezogenic papule is the term used to describe the soft, skin-colored painful papule that appears when standing on the nonweight-bearing portion of the heel .

Synonyms: Painful piezogenic pedal papules, piezogenic wrist papules of the toes or standing and walking on the toes may also reproduce the pain. Piezogenic pedal papules usually reflect a benign condition Treatment of the papules is usually unnecessary unless they cause pain. Therapeutic measures include use of heel pads and avoidance of prolonged standing. Piezogenic pedal papules (PPPs) were first described by Shelley and . cause for seeking medical care is pain while standing and walking. Piezogenic pedal papules are small fatty herniations through fascial defects While the vast majority are asymptomatic, pain on standing is the.