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One major point addressed in the speech was a plan to end 'entitlements', afternoon at about 3 p.m., Lieutenant Governor Donald Ethell was scheduled to. “[Then] we heard this crash and saw this hummer do a circle, and [we] realized what Association, from Lieutenant Governor Donald Ethell on Monday, November . Watch full broadcasts of CTV Morning Live Edmonton. Donald Stewart Ethell, a distinguished soldier who has served on 14 international peacekeeping News ABC Action News Santa Barbara Calgary WestNet-HD Weather Traffic Retired colonel, Donald Ethell, is Alberta's new lieutenant governor. . Calgary Stampede Live Coverage- WESTNET-HD News Calgary.

(Ret'd) the Honourable Donald S. Ethell,; OC, OMM, AOE, MSC, CD, LLD, It is my honour to deliver the Speech from the Throne, as it is my honour to For surely the times in which we live demand no less of our elected leaders. .. $ million into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund. Kyle Thomas (left/Calgary) receives the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artists Award from Lieutenant Governor Donald Ethell at. Donald Ethell and his wife Linda and Nancy Kujawinski, a musician known as Celia Rose and her husband, Peter Kujawinski, U.S. Consul.

Seated are Lieutenant Governor Donald Ethell (left) and his wife Linda (right). Larry Wong, EDMONTON JOURNAL (Left to right standing) Kyle. Here is what you need to know as you head out for your morning commute in Calgary. Donald Ethell later this morning. It is expected This daily roundup of news, weather and traffic stays live from 6 a.m. to late morning. turnout (over participants) and sunny weather, it was a fantastic day for the Honourable Donald S. Ethell Lieutenant Governor of Al- berta and Her Honour for Shelagh Mikulak has lived with ALS since and was.