How to summon golem prime

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Golem spawns directly above the Altar. Plantera must have already been defeated at least once in the current world in order for Golem to spawn successfully. 5 days ago Plantera will also summon when using actuators under the bulb. . weapon which can easily be crafted after defeating Skeletron Prime. Is now required to be killed in order to summon Golem from the Lihzahrd Altar. As you have defeated Plantera, you should have now a Temple Key in your inventory (it is a % drop from this boss). If you didn't get the key, nor anyone in .

Are you curious how to summon all the 14 bosses in the game? Twins, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime) will spawn during night. you can right click to summon The Golem if you have a Lizhard Power cell in your inventory. I have killed plantera several times. I've killed Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer and the Twins. I do have the power cell to summon the golem. Terraria Summoning Skeletron Prime Boss You can then summon Golem anywhere. Notes: Lunatic Cultist begins spawning after Golem is defeated.

The Destroyer. The Twins. Skeletron Prime. After the mechanical bosses, it's pretty straightforward. Plantera. Golem. Duke Fishron. (Events).