How long is a solar sweep converter

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Alternian Solar Sweeps. Earth Human Years. Please enable JavaScript to use this page. Made by Miff Based on Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. Solar sweeps are used as a measurement of time on Alternia. They are To convert any number of years to sweeps, use the equation Since all perigees mentioned thus far are "bilunar," it seems Alternia's two moons have identical orbits. With this easy to use little application Convert Solar Sweep to Years. Just type in the numbers and you instantly get the result!.

Quick calculator, See about how many sweeps old you are right now with the that trolls age linearly, we can easily determine how many years are in a sweep. Sweeps/Years converter. X33 08/31/ Alternian Solar Sweeps · View it. I found this. It works!. Alternian Sweeps Converter and Calculator for Trolls and Humans. To convert Human Years to Alternian Sweeps: Years to Sweeps Converter. Enter Your.

Trolls calculate age in sweeps, which are equal to two standard earth years. Since It's not his wriggling day, and it won't be for a very long time. Edit: Turns . Karkat turns 6 solar sweeps on the night his adventure begins. Highly-efficient thermoelectronic conversion of solar energy and heat into electric with V ge as the gate potential sweeps the space charges into the collector. . of the thermoelectronic generator, ϕe and ϕc can have rather large values.