Sasori vs sasuke who would win

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Sasori wins, except for Scenario 3 because Susano'o is overpowered. Orochimaru made Sasuke immune to poisons, but I doubt he could grant. I believe Kankuro would win and I have evidence for why. As we all know, Sasori was way better than Kankuro during Kazekage Rescue arc, he was able to easily Who would win in a fight with Sasuke at the beginning of Shippuden vs. Forum > Versus Debates board > Sasuke vs Sasori Sasori does have his fatal poison too. But, on the Overall, It would be a good fight, but Sasuke would win.

Sasori wins with light mid difficulty, Sasori could handle a previous puppet master from Sunagakure(which was rumored to be Hokage level. I think Orochimaru- mainly because Sasuke was the only one who could really beat Orochimaru (at the time) and I can see Sasuke completely. How would win???? Sasuke vs sasori. Baki hozuki 09/24/ 5. How would win? Sasuke I have to admit that. Read more. 0 Reply 10/07/

I've always thought this would be an interesting fight. Who'd win? No plot armor. Round 1: Sasuke when he fought Itachi Round 2: Sasuke with. Sasori would win. Poison does jack shit to Sasuke thanks to Oro, although I'm not sure if Oh, and Sasuke could Kirin Sasori to death too. Jiraiya wins if he can get into SM, abuses his Toads / summoning shenanigans, or is able to take out Deidara before they can team up.