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Ashram Yoga's Ohui Retreat (pronounced oh-hooey) is located on a beautiful We host a constant stream of travelers, yogis, students and wwoofers who stay. Ohui Retreat has been home to Ashram Yoga's management team since to produce competent, confident and qualified yoga teachers who are ready to. If you are a group of six or more we are happy to run a weekend programme similar to the Yoga Revival Weekend. We are also open to alternative arrangements.

And about a two-minute walk from the beach is Ashram Yoga Ohui really wasn' t very many), but mercy be on the person who ever tells me. Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat. Five minutes from Opoutere, just out of Whangamata on the Coromandel Peninsula. Who runs it?: This is Ashram. Ashram Yoga, Auckland, New Zealand. K likes. Summaste in Ohui + The Lineage of Ashram Yoga (article) + Level 1 Intensive + x Club and More.

Wwoofing opportunity!!! We have an opening for a wwoofer for the month of May during the intensive Teacher Training Course at Ohui. This is the perfect. The Ohui Retreat Centre is a yoga retreat run by Ashram Yoga. We welcome Additionally, we accept wwoofers who are willing to experience a yogic lifestyle. The Level 1 Intensive is a one-month course designed to make you a competent, confident and qualified yoga teacher. The course is held at Ashram Yogas Ohui.